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  • Fall is here

    Here it is another Sunday afternoon. The weather is changing so fast we did not really have enough time to enjoy the summer. But, there is a good side to fall. The colors are beginning to change into the wonderful vivid gold, red, and yellows. I’ve even seen a few lavenders out there. The flies are not bother us to much and the mosquitoes are absolutely gone thank goodness.

    It’s time to look forward to some trail riding and getting the place ready for winter. With the new pastures things are working out better. The new style latches we went with also is a plus makes getting in and out of easier for us and safe for the horses.



  • The Heat Is On

    Ouch it’s been a hot couple of days. I feel so awful for my poor horses, no matter how much I try to help I know it’s really not doing the trick. The humidity doesn’t help with bring out the mosquitoes and deer flies. We are doing the best we can with keep cold water for them, and fans going all the time. It seems the barn is better than the outside right now, at least during the day. I am looking forward to some cool down here shortly.

    On a good note we managed to get a great first cutting of hay this year and so far second cutting looks promising. The new outdoor arena has been completed and we are in the process of getting the rest of the paddocks and pastures transferred from wire to wood fencing. I am also happy to announce that we are putting in a new well on the west end of the property that will allow us to water the animals and spread out the pastures during the winter season.

    We have had a couple of adoptions go out…which is a miracle considering the economy and the amount of people trying to get rid of their horses. We are still not taking in any new ones right now. We want to be back in full production before we take on any more responsibility. Hopefully by fall we will be ready to rock and roll.

    So for all you horse lovers out there we are alive and still kicking……take care of yourselves and stay safe in the heat. Give you horses a few hugs from us….and have a great summer.



  • Update

    Mothers Day is over and it was just beautiful here on the farm. The whole family showed up and we had a great dinner. I was happy that the weather was not too cold but still there was a chill in the air, but being Michigan we have all come to expect the sudden changes.

    Today was a beautiful day with temps reaching 78 degrees; I have been putting in a lot of time with JJ and some of the others…getting them shed out and ready for summer. Haircuts this week and lots of baths are in store the next few days. Everyone has seen the farrier, been wormed and doctored up from winter bumps and bangs.

    A couple of the older horses have to be watched as they are not doing so well coming out of winter they could use some help. The older they get the harder the winters are on them and it seems that the winter coats just don’t want to drop off. I might have to shave one or two of them hear shortly.

    Other than that…all is well.



  • Spring Clean Up

    Clean up is well on its way. I love to see things coming together as the days get warmer. This year we have some major changes going on while we are cleaning up after winter. New fences are being added along with old ones being replaced. A new arena fence for outdoors is going in with a whooping 50 feet added to the length. Trees came down to make room for the new larger indoor arena. The front pasture was removed to allow the pond to be dragged and cleaned out. The pasture will go back in but not too soon. We have to level the ground that the pond sand took up. Lots of good changes, but short of hands to get it all done. We just make due the best we can until it is all finished.

    One of our horses that got adopted out is now coming back for training. The new owners want to board him here while he is in training. Remi one of the geldings is doing better with his leg. The poor boy sure went through some trauma with it for a while. With the rain stopping now I guess I can sit back and see what I can add to the todo list. I’ve got the golf cart out and charged allowing me to get around all over the place.

    Talk to you soon….take care and give your horses a special hug for me.




  • Idle time on my hands

    I had nothing better to do this evening so I decided to do some writing and editing on one of my stories....if anyone is interested it's over in the story link to view.

    We survived the storm the other day......but not without mishap. One of the horses spooked and ran through the fence line getting caught in the wire. At times like these I hate wire but that is another story. When the storm cleared the hubby went out to check on the pastured horses and the barn to make sure everything was all right. He found Biggie and Remi were in need of some rescuing. Biggie had wire wrapped around him...the hubby was able to cut the wire loose and good old Biggie just stood there waiting. I guess she was saying this was not his first RODEO just get it off him so he could move again. Remi on the other hand had to be brought into the barn and his owner called.

    Now several stitches later and in bandages he is confined to a stall. He is not liking it but will have to put up with it for a while. His cuts though were not superficial they will heal and he will be just fine. I bet he thinks twice next time he decides to bolt during a storm!

    The cost of hay for bedding the stalls has gone up.... with rising cost we are just hanging in here with the rest of the country. But, we are still here and still doing what we love to do. I am still waiting on just a little bit warmer weather to come around. I don't think my ankle and lower leg will ever be alright again it is so swollen in this weather I can't get my boots on it...I have to wear the hubbies boots outside and they want to fall off my feet when I walk. What's a girl to do?








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